MAS Law Firm - Texas Criminal Defense Attorneys
MAS Law Firm - Texas Criminal Defense Attorneys
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With a combined experience of more than 35 years, team of criminal defense attorneys of MAS Law Firm is here to provide you dedicated, aggressive, honest, and cost effective legal services for your criminal matter. Call or Email to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with our team. Let our experience be on your side to protect your rights!


At MAS Law Firm, our experienced attorneys proudly help clients in a wide-variety of criminal matters. We have helped hundreds of clients over the years who have been criminally accused. Our criminal defense team can help your with:

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If you have ever been arrested, it is vital for your future to retain skilled representation on your side to aggressively fight for your rights. The team of experienced criminal defense attorneys of MAS Law Firm proudly holds over 40 years of combined experience handling numerous criminal defense issues. Our experienced attorneys and legal team will provide you the excellent representation and defense your case demands.


There are various penalties that you could face upon conviction of any crime. Our criminal defense attorneys understand that accidents do occur and everyone is entitled to a second chance. It is necessary to take the required steps to ensure your future by building a strong defense for your case and seeking beneficial outcomes in your court proceedings. MAS Law Firm will provide you the assistance in securing your future.



When you are facing charges for violent crimes, it can result in severe penalties upon conviction. For your future and the future of your family, it is extremely important you understand the consequences of having a criminal record. When you are convicted with a criminal charge, it could lead to you being denied various life opportunities. Most employers require a background check before hiring you. Similarly, when you go for renting an apartment, a background check will be required and you can be denied housing. For jobs that require you to have a clean driving record, you can be denied employment if you have a DWI on your record. We are here to protect your future and guide you towards the right direction regarding your criminal defense matters. Our qualified team of Dallas criminal defense attorneys will provide you the aggressive and dedicated representation that your case needs.


Our legal team of experienced criminal defense lawyers understands that a criminal conviction can cause traumatic and devastating damage to your future. A criminal conviction can stop you from applying for a loan, obtaining a mortgage, renting an automobile, getting a job, and obtaining further education. After a criminal conviction, your records will have a permanent mark, which is why it is extremely important to that you do not settle for anything less than the best legal representation. After a criminal charge, your choice of legal representation could make all the difference. We, at MAS Law Firm, believe in giving our clients the individual time, effort, and attention that they deserve and work effortlessly to have your charges reduced or dismissed.


A DWI in Texas needs an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney



When facing a criminal investigation or formal charges, it is very important that you exercise your constitutional right to have an attorney by your side before you answer any questions by law enforcement. Additionally, choosing the right criminal defense attorney can have a dramatic impact on the outcome of your case. In any criminal matter, a competent criminal defense lawyer can act as your advocate throughout your case, negotiating for you with judges and prosecutors, and working to get your charges reduced or dismissed.


While facing a criminal charge, you may be feeling stressed, worried, and scared, and need the help of an experienced legal team to help you through the tough times. While facing these difficult situations, you may make decisions that could seriously hinder or harm your ability to avoid a conviction. For example, by giving unnecessary information that could be harmful to your case to authorities before you have legal guidance. Do not let the criminal justice system take advantage of you; contact the dedicated criminal defense lawyers of MAS Law Firm.



Every case is handled with extreme care and seriousness by MAS Law Firm in order to achieve the preferred outcome. Because we offer a free case evaluation, this allows you the opportunity to get the advice you need along with answers pertaining to your case before making any commitment. Contact our attorneys to review your case so we can get you the legal representation you need today.