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The footage has forced marine biologists to question theory that the mammals only mate once every four years. The two whales were caught in the act by a team of marine biologists studying their behaviour off the south Argentine coast near the province of Chubut. And the double-blubber act which was caught on video has caused them to revise their research because up until now they believed whales only copulated every four years. Yet in this instance, the female had a young calf with her which proved the previous theories to be inaccurate.
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Blue whale penis

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How Do Whales Mate? | Sciencing

All rights reserved. Recently marine biologist Dara Orbach presented some of the first research ever done on how dolphin genitalia fit together, making Weird Animal Question of the Week curious about how big animals manage the physics of mating underwater. The dolphin penis is fibro-elastic, meaning the erectile tissue is full of collagen and elastin and can emerge quickly. Whales have similarly speedy mating and dextrous penises, says Marah Hardt , author of Sex in the Sea. Male sharks internally fertilize females with one of their two sperm-transfer organs, called claspers. First, though, they need to get a grip on a female.
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Two huge whales HAVING SEX filmed off the coast of Argentina

Despite the whale's size, scientists have trouble locating and studying the cetacean in the vastness of the ocean, leaving many questions about the mammal's life history, particularly its mating and courtship behaviors. Blue whales Balaenoptera musculus are found worldwide, with different regional populations forming distinct subspecies. Scientists believe they reach sexual maturity between 5 and 15 years of age, and have a gestation period that lasts 10 to 12 months.
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The birds and the bees may have their own tune, but when it comes to sex in the animal kingdom, whales put on quite a show. Southern right whales boast some of the largest penises in nature. At a maximum length of four metres 12ft , their mighty members set the record among the rorqual filter-feeding whales. While it might seem gratuitous to dwell on size, in the whale world, size matters.
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